Agent: Green Light Artist Management

Charlotte Rose

Manager: Kaplan Perrone

Hannah Ozer


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As a designer, I conceive and create artistically inspired spaces to encapsulate the stories we are trying to tell. But that’s only my job. My role is to enhance and support the story and the characters through my artistic endeavors. This means creating spaces that are believably realistic within the scope of the tale, which accentuate the mood of the scenes, but which most importantly connect with viewers emotionally to give meaning to the performances of the actors - to make the characters and situations not only real but moving.

Having begun with creating the illusion of life with pencil and paper in animation, I developed the skills that gave me a unique point of view and skill set involving all aspects of the film making process. As an animator, I am the actors, the camera, the lighting, the staging and the design. Playing safe will not grab the audience. I pride myself on pushing the envelope and finding that element that will glue the audiences eyes to what I want them to see.

I began working in animation along side the award winning animator Ryan Larkin. I also had the privilege of being placed with Mercury Filmworks as an animator before graduating from Animation at Algonquin College. In 2007 I had my short film “Stray” picked up by NFB Citizen shift and Amnesty International.

I have worked my way up through the art department on larger and more challenging projects, becoming an award winning Canadian designer, and now recognized internationally for designing hit series for Sky One, NETFLIX, and ITV.

What makes me a unique designer is that I have had the privilege to design high profile series and features in the UK, Europe and across Canada, where every new horizon has a unique approach to our craft and an ever-expanding exposure to knowledge.  From recreating the war of 1812, to transforming a 50’s bunker into a base a century into the future, I bring with me a unique approach with hands on emersion to design.


Let me show you what I have in mind.